Awerix CPA Professional Corporation

Internal Audit and Control Services

Effective internal controls are one of the best ways to reduce the risk of material misstatement of account balances, but many organizations lack the skills, expertise, and experience to devise and implement effective internal controls, or even what internal controls are. That’s where we can help! Our team, through our work on past audits, and with our up-to-date knowledge of generally accepted auditing standards, can provide you with an effective infrastructure of internal controls which should produce swift and demonstrable results. Reducing your control risks also makes your firm more attractive to potential investors and creditors, allowing steady, reliable growth from safe and proven sources of investment. Internal controls which are dependable and effective are also the first step of any successful audit. If your firm has a strong system of internal controls, it will reduce your audit costs, saving you a valuable expense. Don’t hesitate to build the internal control system you need today! It may seem daunting, but we can help you to reduce your risk and become a more attractive prospect for outside investment and credit for future growth and expansion.