Awerix CPA Professional Corporation

Audit and Review engagements

Stakeholders of certain businesses like non-profit organizations, publicly traded companies, and some private companies demand accountability, transparency and assurance in accuracy of the financial statements. These stakeholders could be board of directors, investors, financiers who want to be fully informed on the financial state of the organization and evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of its management and operations.

Due to complexities of the new assurance standards, there is significant pressure on those individuals that are responsible for governance to ensure relevant and accurate financial information is published to all external stakeholders. With more Canadian companies going global and looking for funding and investment opportunities, there is a need to improve the comparability and transparency of financial information for both shareholders and regulators.

At Awerix CPA, our professionals offer client-centric tailored approach and strategy to ensure that all engagements are completed on time and within budget. Our firm’s focus on ethics, independence, and integrity, coupled with our quality control methodology and expertise, helps us continually enhance our quality of service. 

Our  professionals have developed end-to-end audit or review process ensuring full due diligence is performed in compliance with Canadian auditing standards. We take steps to understand our clients, their business, their customer base and their strategies before we start any engagement. Our approach, efficient process and due diligence ensures that we successfully complete the engagements. We help maintain financial reporting excellence for our clients so stakeholders can have confidence in the integrity of the financial data that is reported.

Our staff is actively involved in the planning and execution of each engagement. This involvement brings maturity and practical business ensuring successful completion of all engagements. We invest in training of our staff to ensure they are well equipped with required skills and technical knowledge.

We ensure integrity is maintained throughout the process.

Please note that we are authorized to provide Assurance services - Audit and Review engagement only in Ontario.