Awerix CPA Professional Corporation

Tax Advisory

Tax is one of the two certainties in life, and by far the more complicated and incomprehensible of the two. Tax law is a living, breathing thing, forever changing. Keeping track of changes in tax law is literally a full-time job – our job! You have your own job, so leave the intricacies of tax law to us. We avail ourselves of the very latest news in tax law, and make sure that all our clients can take the fullest possible advantage of the new opportunities these changes can provide for them. We have good relationships with long-standing contacts at the Canada Revenue Agency, which helps to provide us with the clearest and most current possible understanding of Canadian tax law. When it comes to dispute resolution, you want someone like us fighting in your corner!

We can also help you to settle disputes and other issues with the CRA through use of the Voluntary Disclosure Program, or VDP. We can help to guide you through this tricky process, making sure that the CRA is paid what they are owed by you from prior periods.

Canada has existing tax treaties with many countries, ensuring that, in most circumstances, individuals and corporations are not charged by two or more jurisdictions on the same income earned. However, like most international treaties, tax treaties are long, complex, and filled with dense, impenetrable jargon. If you do business in more than one country, or even if you own properties in more than country, it is extremely important that you are aware of your obligations to those other countries from a tax perspective. You may have to fill out a tax return for another jurisdiction in addition to your Canadian tax return(s), particularly with regard to the United States. Make sure you are aware of your tax obligations by getting in touch with us. We have many clients who carry on business and reside in more than one country and are well acquainted with the most common situations many people face.

Closer to home, many Canadian firms carry out operations in more than one province, and each province has its own income and corporate tax rates, may levy sales taxes which are not harmonized with the federal sales tax, and thus have different rules as to which items are taxable. Each province may have different workplace health and safety regulations as well. It is extremely important that our clients be aware of the tax consequences of earning revenue and incurring expenses in each province. We can help you with navigating the added costs and bureaucratic difficulties of serving your customers in every province of our great country.

We offer tax planning with the specific circumstances of our personal and business clients in mind, as well as their goals. We focus on individualized solutions tailored to each of our clients because we know that will yield the best results. We can help you in planning for the short term, the medium term, and the long term, both with regards to your business – whether your plans involve growth, expansion or new acquisitions – and your personal life, whether you wish to provide for your family or other heirs, buy new property, or save for a rainy day.