Awerix CPA Professional Corporation

Ensuring fairness of process for all parties involved

Business Transition comes with its own set of challenges. We work with small, family-owned businesses whether the business is being passed onto the next generation or the current management, or being sold to an outside buyer. We understand that the owner has worked hard to grow the business during their lifetime. Smooth transition can ensure success of the business continues. We develop a plan keeping needs and requirements of both buyer or seller of the business in mind. We understand different types of issues and concerns that can arise during these types of transitions.

Our services also include compliance with accounting needs, financial planning and reporting, and minimizing the tax burden. We also help the buyer plan for the future aligning his business and personal goals. We ensure all obligations are met from the seller’s and buyer’s perspective and there is smooth entrance and exit process for all shareholders. We ensure fairness of the process for all parties involved.