Awerix CPA Professional Corporation

Commodity tax services – GST/ HST

Sales taxes – usually in the form of the Harmonized Sales Tax or HST, in several provinces – are paid on the sale of goods or services which have not been zero-rated or exempted by the federal or provincial governments. Your business may be in an industry where sales taxes are not collected on revenues! Contact us and we can determine if you need to collect HST on your sales. We can also help you to apply for an HST number if this is necessary. The federal government requires regular HST filing on an annual or quarterly basis depending on your revenues, although filing only needs to be done once a year. We can help you by providing you with HST payment services as well as filing services.

Unlike individuals, businesses can deduct the HST paid on purchases from their HST collected, allowing their net HST payments to be lower. We can help you to figure out which of your purchases are eligible.

CRA Disputes

We will fight on your behalf if you feel the CRA has assessed unfair taxes, penalties, or interest. Dealing with the CRA is time-consuming and stress-inducing – even just waiting to speak to an agent can take hours! Don’t let this occupy your time, when time is money. On your behalf, we will file disputes, and communicate directly with CRA agents to resolve them promptly and to your best advantage. Make sure you pay only what you owe and receive all the refunds you’re properly entitled to by letting us work with you.

We can also help you to make sure you are compliant with CRA rules and guidelines before you file your tax returns. Our experience with the CRA has given us the tools to understand their guiding principles, what they want from taxpayers, and what they can be expected to provide in return for compliance and payment.